The chair


1984 The chair

“The Chair: Visual Formulas” is an exhibition that goes far beyond the common name, the rationality and functionalism of the Bauhaus, the theoretical model of human needs or the object archetype, to introduce in the field of the «doubtful» function, of the «nonsense», of the social, symbolic, associative significance ..., and of the artistic plurality of our second half of the century ....

The meaning of life can be sought through social realities: disability. A whole cerebral, emotional and sensitive universe that Marga Ximenez creates from a wheelchair —technique and symbol combine— Marga plays with the sculptural value of a piece, the colour, the irony ... and almost as if  we came to a bitter Kafkaesque irony it would be said that «(...) the continuous tape of life takes you, no one knows where, we are more objects, things, than living creatures». Dependency can exist on the object.

Beyond a common name: “Chair”, by Glòria Bosch and Mir.
For the ON/Design Magazine.

1984 - Pinacoteca Municipal of Tossa, Girona. Catalonia.
1984 - Subex Gallery, Barcelona. Catalonia.
1984 - Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell i Terrassa, Barcelona. Catalonia.
1984 - Museu de Granollers. CAT, Barcelona. Catalonia.
1984 - Olot, Casa de Cultura de Girona. Catalonia.
1984 - Vilanova i La Geltrú, Barcelona. Catalonia.