She lives and works in Barcelona. From 1998 she directed, together with Nora Ancarola, MX SPACE 1010, a contemporary art space in Barcelona and with whom she also created MX Editions 1010 in 2004, which received the 2008 Award for Initiatives from the Association of Art Critics of Catalonia.

She has coordinated and curated, between 1998 and 2016, the international biennials contemporary small-format textile art for MX Space 1010. She has previously been dedicated to the teaching of art and the design of stampedes. Her current work is professionally accomplished in the exploration of textile art and on the owns identity that leads she to a project with the multiplicity of identities and the adoption of heteronyms and that, like Yukimaro, Pia Remedios, Feliu Esteve and Col·lectiu Puntes, among others, has exhibited at the Art Center Maristany of Sant Cugat in Catalonia, at the New Art fair and at the MX Space 1010 in Barcelona, at the Gallery Esposta in Verona, at the Biennal of Tarragona 03, or at the University of Belfast.

She has studied art in Barcelona and London. In 2002, she was a Special Mention in the art Biennal of Tarragona. She has also been a National Design Award for Stamps and has participated in the Biennals of Lausanne, Polonia and Vicenza.

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Latest projects done
2021 – Installation “Repair threads” at the Museum of Art in Cerdanyola, Catalonia.
2017 – “Heteronyms: of an intersection of processes”, at the Centre d’Art Maristany of Sant Cugat in Catalonia.
2005 – at the CCDFB with “Down the guns”, in homage to Bertha von Suttner, with prints by Käthe Kollwitz and together with Nora Ancarola, they have presented “Trilogy of privacy”, a project that was staged between 2004/2013 and that was included by the Interior Bodega of Barcelona, the SKC in Belgrade, the Zenit Gallery of Copenhagen, TPK of Hospitalet and Centre Roca Umbert in Granollers, Catalonia, in Sala Mars of Tárrega, in Carta d’Art of Catania in Sicily, in Cote-des-Nieges Center in Montreal, Canada, in Tinglado 2 of Tarragona, in Institut d’Etudis Illerdencs in Lleida, and in the Arts Santa Mónica of Barcelona.
2003 – “Continents”, with Yukimaro, gallery MX Espai, in Barcelona.
2001 – “Press still lifes” in Gallery MX Space, Barcelona.
2000 – “The eighth weapon”, China Art Gallery, Barcelona.

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