Woven works

Woven works 1970-1990

The works that make up this first period of construction of my artístic work are at the crossroads between maternal genealogy, my profession as a pattern designer and my later encounter with the art of tapestry which in the 1980s was opening up new avenues of exploration within contemporary art.

They will be first the drawing like substrate, second, the referent of the history and the evolution of the tapestry, and finally the fabric like matter and corporeality, the configuration axes of this first stage.

The tapestry allowed me to get closer to sculpture while my profession in the field of fashion placed me in a territory where the human body was part of an increasingly relevant way.

It is later that my interests in exploration with textile language and all its creative and expressive potential that played a decisive role, are transferred to the creation of works where the visualization of the social and collective problems that most worry take center stage, as can be seen in more recent works.