Editions 1010

In December 1999, together with Nora Ancarola, I started publishing artist books in the MX Espai 1010. CAT.

The characteristic of this project is the production of handmade books where poetry and visual art form a unique work. Old techniques, sometimes ancestral and new technologies go hand in hand. Fingerprints, transfers, chalcographic engravings, printing, velvet pages, individualized finishes, make up these short-edition books. They are small works, almost unique in the world of mass reproducibility. Works with «hot aura» in the world of «cold auras».

I have collaborated with the poets Antoni Clapés, Montserrat Abelló, Neus Aguado, Carles Hac Mor, Ester Xargay and Carme Riera.

Edicions 1010 has so far created three collections: Atenea, Babau and Plec, as well as other single-edition books.

- In the Atenea Collection, it is the dialogue text-game that shapes its essence; is a collection focused on the visualization of poems, which presents in an intimate way, where the images are an internalization of the poems themselves, with often unusual and surprising finishes and materials.

- The Babau Collection has also incorporated a video with the voice of the poet himself, with a different format and the inclusion of audiovisual images through the DVD, creating parallel games between image and text, and where reading aloud is a protagonist. The printed images are frames of the video manipulated and adapted to the format through very diverse techniques and with images and documentaries of videographic creation of Nora Ancarola.