2010 Kenosi-Antikeres

Made by José Asunción + Gemma Guasch and Nora Ancarola/Marga Ximenez from the catalogs of the 10th anniversary of MX Espai 1010. CAT with the participation of those attending the celebration held in La Virreina.

Throughout the work in progress Kenosi, the artists Asunción+Guasch have been developing a series of performance actions linked to the experience of the emptying process given by the disappearance, the awareness of the presence of what is no longer there. In these actions, in which the artists involve the attendees to participate actively —trimming or covering texts and images— the void becomes more real than the full and the invisible exerts more pressure than the visible.

The object-product of the artists' action was received by Nora Ancarola and Marga Ximenez at the time they were working within the project "Privacy Trilogy". The intervened, cut out, emptied catalogue made them reflect on their own actions in the MX Espai1010 and on the task as managers in relation to their own work as artists.

Single copy, 2008.

Installation presented at the Arts Santa Mónica Center. CAT in Barcelona in 2010, at Tinglado 2 in Tarragona and at the IEI in Lleida in 2013.