The heteronyms make his emergence in 1999. At the main part of authors always takes part some shot of my biography. Others are personalities far removed, cultural and generationally, from her orthonym. Each heteronym investigates and shapes very diverse, emotional and plastic aspects, although they share fundamental concepts.

The 2003 some heteronyms introduce the exhibition format of the installations. These installations frame also at the opening that the textile art makes at the contemporary art at the years eighty. The nature markedly poor and ephemeral of the materials and the recycling, is active part of the plastic proposal. The use of these materials wants to approach us of an alive mode, at the margins of an impositive and consumist society.

In 2017, with the project, “Heteronyms: of an intersecation of processes, 1998-2017”, six of these heteronyms alter some pieces that make up the project, processing them again, and these conceptual and plastic interventions to the issues that remain of interest and social concern, challenges all authors to provide another reading.

«When an artist, expresses through his heteronyms, that is to say, personalities created and thought like others, alludes surely at that true emotion at a true expression of what talks Pessoa when says: feign is to know oneself.
Multiple and varied should be the motifs that motivated at Marga Ximenez, at creating his heteronyms. Parallel transits that permitted her a game that the identity prison does not permit».
(Of the text “Plural like the universe”, of Nora Ancarola.)

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