2010 Central Cafe


2010 Twenty years Central Cafe. 1989/2009

«Apart from its publications, Cafè Central has had many other initiatives, especially in the field of promoting poetry reading and the social presence of poetry. In twenty years, Cafè Central has set up more than half a thousand activities in Barcelona, Catalonia and other places in Europe and America: presentations of leaflets and books, recitals in many different formats, cycles of annotated poetry readings, debates, meetings and gatherings, courses, seminars and specialized days, various exhibitions and shows, interventions and performances.
Cafè Central has been a model of editorial freedom, of innovation and renewal, of modernity and contemporaneity, of aesthetic plurality, of exigency and intellectual rigor, of high culture and, above all, of fidelity to the principle of responsibility. cultural of not giving in to the strong pressures of fashions and mercantilism. A lesson in integrity and will.»
D. Sam Abrams

4/5/2010 - Library of Catalonia

Café Central Triptych, 20 years old. CAT. PDF 130 Kb
XIMENEZ, M. - I owe a braid to Cafè Central. CAT. PDF 43 Kb