2004-05 Tongue
Action: staged sculpture

Staging of the poem IV of “Fire of Shovels” of the book “Bruixa de dol”, by Maria Mercè Marçal.

The action “Llengua”, wants to be a sculpture staged, ritualized, or «staging the poem», and once the action is completed we will formally visualize it as a sculpture.

Given its characteristics, we can say theatrical, it is visualized, during the action, in the dark, with a single light, a mountain lantern, that I myself am driving from the head, following the perimeter of the sculpture and emphasizing those points that allow to understand the meaning of the action, while we are hearing the voice of Maria Mercè Marçal saying the poem IV of “Fire of Shovels”  in the book “Bruixa de dol”, and a fragment of the second poem also of “Fire of Shovels”.

«What makes Marga Ximénez's contribution different, is not the beloved investigation of originality, but the fact that he wants to delve deeper into the matrix of the poem “Casa/amor” by M. Mercè Marçal, a poem understood as a walk towards what is essential to him. for existence. And through the syntax of the text, the presence, the objects, the light and the sound, to be able to compose an intelligent and sensual environment that allows him to transmute the printed virtuality to the paper in a lived reality».
From the text by Marta Pol and Rigau.

2017 - Art Maristany Center. CAT, inside the International Poetry Festival, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona. Catalonia.
2009 - Francesca Bonnemaison Women's Culture Center, in the Tribute to Maria-Mercè Marçal, Barcelona. Catalonia.
2007 - Fem Art 07. Women's Art Exhibition. Ca la Dona. CAT, Barcelona, Catalonia.
2006 - La Interior Bodega-Flux Space, Barcelona, Catalonia.
2006 -
eBent'06. Young Space Boca Nord. Barcelona and Girona. Catalonia.
2004 - Francesca Bonnemaison Women's Culture Center, Barcelona Catalonia.

POL, M - Casa/Amor. CAT. PDF 28 kb