2019 Urns


2019 Fifty five ballot boxes for freedom

This exhibition is a proposal by the Comitè de Solidaritat Catalana-Catalunya Nord association, which shows the work of fifty-five artists who, with their creation, make visible a cry and a commitment in defense of freedom and democracy. Each artist has a ballot box for the 1-O referendum.

About the work "Wool, mirror and plumb". The transparency of the walls of the urn allows us to visualize the wool it contains. This cold urn, for the plastic material that makes it up, but powerful for its function, for its use, is filled with warmth, through this simple and at the same time fundamental material, for the survival of many peoples.

Wool, in reference to the citizenry, because, in the singularity of wool, as a natural and living material that it is, lies the soul of a process and a transfiguration that lead to the fabric, such as the our social fabric allowed us to reach October 1st.

The mirror, in terms of representation of reality, gives us back an image and a gesture that tells us each that the right to vote is inviolable and cannot be taken away from us, that it is the people who give voice to democracy, and that a free people do not give up their right to decide. In symbolism, it is self-knowledge.

The plumb line, which symbolizes equity and justice, and which is stretched by the line of gravity, is a tool that helps workers build a construction more accurately, closes the ballot box and refers us as a group, to participation in the construction of this new country we want, in the form of a Republic.

15/6/2019 - Open Room 2. Museu de la Garrotxa. CAT.
11/1/2019 - Fita Foundation, House of Culture, Girona. Coordinated by: Tavi Casellas.