Drawn territories

Drawn territories These works, some of them large format, are drawings that go beyond their own techniques. They take the language of the high class as a tool of construction and its materials as expressive elements apart from the strictly formal functions. … Read More


Corporeal These sculptural pieces maintain the concept of the tapestry, as a work of large format, made with textiles and a specific technique, but already in many cases subverting the language that is its own, well in the measures, leaving the wall, … Read More


Calligraphies In this group of pieces, warp and weft come together to explore the architectural possibilities that the art of tapestry has in itself from the elements that make it up and in its historical function as an object related to living … Read More


Cartographies The loom, the industrial and the artisan, and everything that has represented socially and culturally in the world of the textile, has also been center of my interest, for that reason in some pieces incorporate it in format frame with the … Read More


Murals These murals capture the family genealogy and together with the tapestry language explore new expressions with the interrelation between the trades of female tradition and the new contemporary plastic resources. In the work Agulles, once again, we find the tools used … Read More