1990 Living carpet


1990 Living carpet. Rainbow

Edition of the plaque number 6 of Cafè Central, “Dona, Another Woman, in Bosch and De Kooning”, by Benet Rossell and subsequent staging of the play in Lleida and in a flat on Passeig del Born in Barcelona.

Words plotted between the ancestral act of spinning and the circular gesture of stringing.

The action, “Living Rainbow Tapestry” will be done with the collaboration of the students of the Tapestry Department of the Llotja School of Barcelona.

Readers: Pascale Bardoulaud, Annie Bats, Antoni Clapés, Carles Hac Mor.
Eco: Esther Xargay.
Narrator and camera: Benet Rosell
Light Beam and Color Scale: Robert Meyer
Trasunt: Isabel Casals
Coordinator: Joan Sabater

30/3/1990 - Sala Europa. Lleida.
10/4/1990 - Barcelona.