Trilogy of privacy


2013-2004 Trilogy of privacy
With Nora Ancarola

At the agora
The city has always been configured around a public space, the agora, the square, the forum. Gradually the meeting place was transformed, through very different stages in their point until in that location itself is not relevant. The communication and transmission of events occurs in real time and the interior and exterior are spatial concepts often vanish.

Despite the difficulties involved in addressing issues of ambiguous private sector in 2004 Nora Ancarola and Marga Ximenez decided to work from fictionalized personal experiences —where time is real and speed that is transmissible come into confrontation— and highlight the limits of individual reality and public appearance. The inevitable technology involved as part of the elements used in the facility, while relational as means over 70 people working on the project, some of which have since its inception.

At first the intention was to work jointly, taking into account the shared spaces —the home, the workshop, the gallery MX Espai 1010— and the conflicts that could occur.

After six years working concluded Trilogy of privacy, which consider not only open its extension in time but by the transformations that have taken place and the emergence of new ideas in every presentation made at different spaces, enrich and expand the original idea.

2013 - Gothic Room, Ilerdencs Institute of Studies. CAT, Lleida. Catalonia.
2013 - Tinglado 2 del Moll de Costa, Tarragona. Catalonia.
2013 - CCCB, Barcelona, Catalonia, within the frame of the colloquium, “Art today as a media and sociopolítical criticism.
2012 - MX Espai 1010. CAT, Barcelona. Catalonia.
2012 - Carte d’Arte Mostre, Catania. Sicilia.
2011 - Roca Umbert Factory of the Arts. CAT, Granollers. Catalonia.
2010 - Presentation to the Santa Mònica Arts Center, Barcelona. Catalonia.

Privacy trilogy. Catalog. CAT CAS ENG. PDF 7,4 Mb
Trilogia de la privadesa. Tinglado 2. Port Tarragona. CAT PDF 3,1 Mb
Trilogia de la privadesa. Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs. CAT  PDF 3,9 Mb
Espais d'exhibicio. CAT PDF 361 Kb

Trilogia de la privadesa. CAT
Antikeres. CAT