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of Navigation and Cataloguing
In “of Navigation and Cataloging” the Col·lectiu Puntes, appropriates of “Goddesses sail”, a work of 1995 and sails without complexes by a sea of recycling waves, decoding and perverting its initial sense, and where elements Marga Ximenez's personal and old ones will also be rescued, vacuum packed and cataloged together, in a game between chaos and entropy.

«I am, therefore, placed in the third stage of this reflection by the hand of Marina Garcés. Among the figures of his thought I remain, now, in his definition of a world in common, is to say, the question for "us".

Which is, in fact, the question asked by the heteronyms of Marga Ximenez in the works of the exhibition in question.

I wondered what Marga Ximenez and his heteronyms are talking about. And I think they talk about human being as more than just being social. Its condition is relational. We cannot say "I" without at the same time sounding "us". We are a dilated self. We are people involved. Individual consciousness is conjugated to the plural».
Maia Creu, from her text "The heteronyms of Marga Ximenez as mediation figures" in the framework of the exhibition: Heteronyms: an intersection of processes

2017 - Maristany Art Center. CATSant Cugat del Vallès. Catalonia.

CREUS, M - Els heteronims de Marga Ximenez com a figures de mediació. CAT. PDF 66 Kb
Heteronyms: of an Intersection of Processes. Catalog. CAT CAS ENG. PDF 2,5 Mb