of Books and Homes


of Libraries and Archives

of Books and Homes
Are libraries the parking of memory, the archive of the deepest reflections? Are they the definitive lodging of wisdom?

Like books, the elderly are housed in impossible residences without leaving aside their experiences, situating themselves and managing the inevitable in dialogue with other generations. Unproductiveness makes them useless, almost transparent, there is no room for emotions. Only alienation and waiting are left. "Productivity" brought to the ends of ignominy.

Marga Ximenez in “of Books and Homes”, recreates a library, where men, women, memory and knowledge, live open to the world to share.

Gena Lestemar, Sergio Galán and Pia Remedios collaborate reflecting and giving life to multiple life proposals.

«The aging human being, the accomplishments have already been accounted for and weighed, he is doomed».

«The world of being tolerated less and less, marginalized able to project themselves to themselves day by day».

And in relation to «a society that does not want to be disturbed by the spectacle of decay ... so shameful is also decadence: the world, understood as social whole, do not forgive us that the process of materialization that happens in it takes place before his eyes and devotes only good assistance to us medical and jokes, both a way of society's desire to keep us moved away». (Revolt and resignation of Jean Améry).

When the Borges of “The Book of Sand”, leaves his book at the nearest library, he does so, abandoning what he wants most: infinite knowledge. He knows it will go unnoticed ...

From the texts of Nora Ancarola for the exhibition “Heteronyms: of an intersection of processes”.

2017 - Maristany Art Center. CAT., Sant Cugat del Vallès, Catalonia.

Heteronyms: of an Intersection of Processes. Catalog. CAT CAS ENG. PDF 2,5 Mb