of Family and Families


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of Family and Families
«Migrating, —writes John Berger— will always be the dismantling of the center of the world and, consequently, the relocation of another lost, disoriented, fragmentary structure».

The modern city, a paradigm of the forced division of origin, is the place where yearnings come together in search of lost unity.

Barcelona is also the land of immigrants, where refugees and displaced people, Gypsies and Spaniards, come from lands not so far away, by-passers who travel around the city as a family, or with the memory of families dismembered or accompanied by, now, emotionally distant absences.

The city can be Nature formulated by art, which is capable of transforming into a stage of what has been lived, as if we had always been there.

It is this scene of the lived thing, which Marga Ximenez brings us closer in these works. “of Family and Families”, recreation of “The Family” by Pia Remedios, its closest heteronym, zaragozana artist, its aragonese and gypsy «alter ego». Here the interrelation takes place in reverse, Marga intervenes in her character's work, from which she feels interrogated and with which she empathizes not without pain. The dialogue that occurs allows one to recognize oneself in history, in one's own history, that of the other, that of others.
From the texts of Nora Ancarola for the exhibition “Heteronyms: of an intersection of processes”.

2017 - Maristany Art Center, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Catalonia.

Heteronyms: of an Intersection of Processes. Catalog. CAT CAS ENG. PDF 2 Mb