of This Thread that Still Connects us


of Private and Public

of This Thread that Still Connects us
In “of This Thread that Still Connects us”, the artist talks with one of her heteronyms: Almira Olmayan, who asks her to shake the emotional collapse that causes a parallel life, as if it were a musical score.

«I do not know who I am, what soul I have» (“The Return of the Gods” of F. Pessoa).

The conflict between real life and the artistic experience is especially pronounced in artists, when emotional responsibility becomes a vital impulse. But if that drive is capable of transforming itself and opening new avenues for creation, then its wealth can be multiplied.

Since 1998 Marga Ximenez has opened paths of knowledge and healing between his life and his work through his heteronyms, who will be setting up a textual code that will be able to line private actions with public ones.

To multiply the self from the creation of heteronyms is to bring to the public dimension the experience of the intimate, the exploration of the unknown in absolute freedom. But unfolding in the multiplicity of characters also makes it possible to manage conflicts, establishing relationships and dialogues with other voices other than one's own, is to accept the other / the other without the ballast or conditioning of the past.

From the texts of Nora Ancarola for the exhibition “Heteronyms: of an intersection of processes”.

2017 - Maristany Art Center. CATSant Cugat del Vallès. Catalonia.

Heteronyms: Of an Intersection of Processes. Catalog. CAT CAS ENG PDF 2,5 Mb