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of Water and Lime
The transcendence of you through authorial dialogue. In this work “of Water and Lime”, not only is the signature interposed (Marga Ximénez, Edith Andreu), but the piece is the result of a dialogue, that is, the intervention of a previous work signed by another nominal pen.

“of Water and Lime”, under the heading of Edith Andreu, 2017 is a re-appropriation of the “White cemetery” by Marga Ximénez from 2001.

It is in this gesture of re-appropriation and / or manipulation that I sense what I call the «transcendence of you» based on the thought of the Belgian philosopher and psychoanalyst Luce Irigaray.

Why transcendence of you?

From the outset, the phenomenon of heteronymy involves the transcendence of the self, that is, going beyond the identity of a single self to finding its multiple faces, I would say, to deny identification with the self or to show that the self is a psychic entity elaborated in the register of the symbolic.

The fact that Marga Ximénez engages in dialogue (dialogue in the sense of regime of the two) of his two sons still takes it further because in the dialogue the self becomes you and vice versa.

In the relationship is where transcendence is maintained, that is, the irreducibility of the self in you or of you in the self. Transcendence not as an ecstasy, to leave me to merge into the other but as an «in-stasi», available to the other but without disappearing.

From the text by Laura Mercader Amigó, "Marga Ximenez or the needles of relationships” within the framework of the exhibition “Heteronyms: of an intersection of processes”.

2017 - Maristany Art Center, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Catalonia.

MERCADER, L. - Marga Ximenez o les agulles de les relacions. CAT PDF 42 Kb
Heteronyms: of an Intersection of Processes. Catalog. CAT CAS ENG. PDF 2,5 Mb