Press still lifes


2001 Press still lifes

“Press still lifes”, is a deepening in the reflection on the violence confronting the possible plastic configurations that a work of these characteristics can reach.

“Press still lifes” is a metaphor for inequalities and injustice that transcends individualities. In this set of installations, we visualize the physical and psychological mutilations suffered by the weakest, but also the disturbing world in which we are unwittingly immersed and in which the press places us as passive spectators.

Small altars-still lifes, «celebrate» the sad triumph of violence, which from the highest strata of society immerse themselves in the intimate everyday life of those who try —without success— to survive the horror peacefully. Altar that inevitably remind us of others, which throughout history have been the symbol of complicity, injustice and scandal and where the «poverty» of materials, and recycling is a central and active part of the plastic proposal. The use of these materials also brings us closer to the corners of human beings where everything is possible, and where all layers are represented in a single container, to get closer to the margins of a tax society and consumerist, at the same time as stuffed with undoing.

From the press release by Nora Ancarola for the MX Espai 1010 exhibition.

White cemetery
2017 - Maristany Ar Center. CAT, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Catalonia.
2007 - Maison de la Culture / Cote-Des-Neiges, Montreal, Canadà.
2007 - 12th International Triennial of Tapestry, Centralne Muzeum Wlókiennictwa,  Lótz, Polònia.
Table with girls
2007 - Maison de la Culture / Cote-Des-Neiges, Montreal, Canadà. May/June.
Still life with glass
2001 - MX Espai 1010. CAT, Barcelona. Catalonia.
Death blows to a child thief
2001 - MX Espai 1010. CAT, Barcelona. Catalonia.
2000 - La Xina A.R.T. Gallery, Barcelona. Catalonia.

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