1984-85 Showcase

As with “Suit” or “Jacket”, previous works, in “Showcase”, Marga

Ximenez performs a process of deconstruction of what was his parked profession, the world of fashion and clothing. Not without irony, it proposes a universe of paper doll dress cuts-outs, which has helped keep women in their place since childhood.

This world of cut-outs is built of huge numbers of wire cables, which, like, meticulously manipulated coloured strands, separate each hue as if it were a printed reproduction technique. Semi-transparent layers of these cables allow us to physically enter the game, finally finding ourselves in front of a naked, bleak mannequin that once again shows the place that has been assigned to the female body representation.
This work is a turning point in the artist's journey towards a more poignant narrative and it has at most exponent “The eighth weapon“ of 2004.

2014 - Fundació Miróinside the frame of the exposition “To have made a place where artists have the right to be wrong.
2014 - MX Espai 1010, Barcelona. Catalonia.
1984 - Fundació Miró, Espai 10. Barcelona. Catalonia.
1985-86 - Europalia 85. Brussels. Belgium. Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

CASAÑÉ OROMI, R. - Calitramas. CAT. PDF 22 Kb
ANCAROLA, N. - Del tapis a l'art tèxtil / de l'art textil a l'art. CAT. PDF 1,4 Mb
Nota de premsa. Re-visions. CAT. PDF 142 Kb