In Des/Time


2002 In Des/Time

From the space of the boundary: The consciousness of time, in front of the fascination for the moment
Nora Ancarola, Itziar Gonzalez, Lola Donaire/Magdalena Duran and Marga Ximenez/with her heteronymous Pia Remedios, were responding to the profiles of professionals in the borders territories, which could point to aspects that the artists themselves lose sight of.

“A social home” where traffic and privacy are undifferentiated. Traditional information is replaced by a meeting place and exchange.
Deterritorialising in relation to language involves searching for the boundary. The inability to act within the usual parameters, entering the border territory, can result in a banalisation of the environment or vice versa, an even more internalized, more austere and more universal response.

- Can we build a meeting place where the moment is not an impediment to our immediate contextualized consciousness? Could we set up a space with real-time actions that speak of the past, and others with deferred actions that speak of the true present?

From the “In Des/Time project”, curated by Nora Ancarola, “A social home”, within the contemporary art contest, “Visions of the future. Interference. Local context-real spaces”, with the direction/coordination of Maia Creus and Pilar Bonet/Martí Peran.

2002 - MX Espai 1010, Barcelona. Catalonia.
2002 - Museu d’Història de la Ciutat. CAT, Barcelona. Catalonia.

ANCAROLA, N - A Des/Temps. CAT. PDF 97 Kb